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Requirements for Filing Copyright in Vietnam

Required Information:

1. Full Name, Pseudonym (if any), Nationality, Date of Birth, Address of the Author(s), and the Owner(s).

2. Title, type of the work, date, place, and form of publication of the work.

3. Brief description of the work.


Required Documents:

1. Power of Attorney (POA).

2. Copy of work in digital format.

3. Confirmation letter.

4. Contract/Decision on Task assignment (if the author(s) and the owner(s) are not the same).

5. Notarized Permission to use the image (if using a photo(s) of an individual).

6. Notarized Proof of identity of the author and the owner:

- Identity Card/Passport of the author.

- Business Registration Certificate, Decision on Organization Establishing, Identity Card/Passport of the business owner (if the owner is an organization).

7. Other required documents.

Note: If the author or the owner is an individual, documents mentioned in (4) must be notarized.