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Digital Content Creation Alliance formally introduced

Vietnam Digital Communication Association (VDCA) officially announced on December 21 the operation of its Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA) and the hotline 1900.2685 to receive reports on copyright infringement.

VDCA is congratulating the management of DCCA on the opening day

DCCA is born with the mission of ‘Connection for Global Values’, aiming at linking Vietnamese businesses and individuals in the fields of digital content, IT, and communications for mutual development. DCCA is expected to boost the creation of valuable ‘Make in Vietnam’ content to serve national and international communities.

The boom of the Internet economy, along with a remarkable rise in the quantity of social network users in Vietnam has encouraged the growth of the number of content creators on global platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. This turns the digital content industry into one hot trend, with the impressive development of digital content services such as digital entertainment (films, photos, music), online games, gameshows, interactive content, online education, online sports, digital advertising.

The Vietnamese digital content industry, therefore, has great opportunities to enter the global market, as long as digital content creators possess sensible strategies on digital economy, become more professional in business management and operation.

In addition, the significant rise of digital platforms, together with multinational intermediary service platforms, has contributed to the strong development of digital content, and further, the transformation of this industry into one key pillar of the national ICT industry.

VDCA stated that even though the quantity of Vietnamese digital content creators has witnessed a rise lately, the volume of valuable content to the community is disproportionate. Moreover, these creators are mostly freelancers, which leads to the urgent establishment of an alliance like DCCA to gather these human resources in order for the digital content industry to become a key one of the country.

DCCA welcomes all individuals and organizations with the same mind to aid one another to create high-value content for Internet users worldwide.

In the opening ceremony, the hotline 1900.2685 was formally introduced to receive reports on copyright infringement. These reports will be transferred to competent agencies for proper handling and punishment (if any). Results of the investigation and possible handling will be delivered to the reporters.

The hotline receives reports in the fields of social network, the press, television, music, books, publications, advertisements, and other content creation areas.

Source: sggpnews.org.vn