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Thai Nguyen: Detecting a large number of fake products of Thuan Phat Shrimp Satay

(IP) – Recently, by professional work, Thai Nguyen province’s functional forces promptly detected and handled business establishments of thousands of shrimp satay products with signs of counterfeiting of Thuan Phat brand.

Specifically, according to information posted by the General Department of Information Management, on September 30, 222, by professional measures, the controllers of the Information Management Team No. 2, Thai Nguyen Province’s Information Management Department, unexpectedly inspected 02 business establishments. business in Thai Nguyen city.

At the time of inspection, the inspection team discovered that the two above establishments were trading 726 shrimp satay products with the Thuan Phat brand name and 2,700 shrimp satay products infringing the rights to the Thuan Phat trademark. The owner of the business household could not present any papers, invoices and documents related to the above goods.

Working with the inspection team, the owners of the establishments said that they import goods floating on the market to sell for profit, because the product has a full label, not knowing that this is a fake product with a registered trademark. sign protection.

Directly participating in the inspection process, Team Leader of Information Management Team No. 2 Tran Khanh Phuong said that it is difficult for consumers to distinguish with the naked eye between the infringing product and the genuine product, because of the design, The appearance of the two products is quite similar. That shows the sophistication of the object, vague information to deceive consumers.

The inspection team of the Information Management Team No. 2 has temporarily seized all of the above goods for further verification and clarification.

Previously, on 11/11/2021, the Department of Information Management Operations, in collaboration with the Hanoi Department of Information Management and the Bac Ninh Department of Information Management, conducted an unscheduled inspection of the production workshop and warehouse of goods that are Sa Te products showing signs of forged the trademark “Thuan Phat” at the address of Yen Khe Village, Yen Thuong Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi City and a temporary house, without a signboard, at Gate Den Lane, Phu Luu Ward, City. Tu Son, Bac Ninh province.

At the time of inspection at the address of Yen Khe Village, Gia Lam, Hanoi, this facility was littered with production lines in a non-closed form with equipment and supplies such as boilers, cooking pots, and grinders. , filling pot, capping machine, plastic sealing machine and a large amount of jar shells and thousands of stamps and labels in bags and unused rolls.

In actual tally, the market management force recorded over 21,000 jars of shrimp satay with the brand name “Thuan Phat” packed in 187 cartons, neatly stacked outside the gate, ready for transportation and consumption. .

After inspection, the products being evidences in the case were determined to have signs of infringing intellectual property rights of the trademark “Thuan Phat” registered for protection in Vietnam.

At the facility located at No. 21, Gate Den lane, Phu Luu ward, City. Tu Son, Bac Ninh province owned by Ms. Dang Thi Nga, the inspection team discovered 62 boxes of “Thuan Phat delicious shrimp satay” with a total of nearly 7,000 jars of Thuan Phat shrimp satay processing and production Co., Ltd. delicious shrimp dish Thuan Phat.

All goods have not been used, but the owner of the establishment has not yet produced relevant invoices and documents. Like products in Yen Khe village, Yen Thuong commune, these products all have signs of counterfeiting of registered trademark “Thuan Phat”.

Mai An